As a small family run business, all of our products at Ealing Beard Co. are poured by hand in small batches to ensure you are receiving the best quality for your beard.

We take pride in creating the finest blend of beard oils to keep your beard hydrated, healthy and of course, smelling great.


Our ethos is based on minimalism and as such, we pride ourselves on utilising key natural ingredients which provide maximum benefits for your beard. Our oil blends will help condition your beard without aggravating the skin underneath.

Find out more about all the ingredients we use and what key benefits they provide.


All orders containing beard oils come with an eco-friendly cotton drawstring bag, perfect for holding toiletries.

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This is one of the best oils I’ve ever used. Non-greasy and as the name says, leaves me smelling super fresh and ready for the summer.

Ricki Tosar
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Outstanding product, very simple and easy to use, especially with the syringe type nozzle. The smell is incredible and the added bonus it's helped treat my beardruff!

Michael Wilkinson


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