Your beard regime for eczema-prone skin

If you suffer from or have previously had eczema, then you need to take extra care when cultivating your facial fur. Without following the right regime, growing a beard can result in an eczema encore or make it worse, increasing the itch factor and depositing unsightly skin flakes into your furry wonder. 

But before you scrap your life-long ambition to rock the best beard in the business, read on! There are ways for eczema sufferers, like Ealing Beard Company founder Kishan Tosar, to revel in facially hirsute exuberance, and here’s how…

Moisturise, but not as you know it

Growing a beard can dry out the skin that lies beneath, worsening your eczema experience. This makes moisturising the single most important thing you can do to relieve the condition. But any old moisturiser won’t cut it. Avoid any with topical steroids, for example. A natural, organic beard oil can work wonders as it’s designed specifically to moisturise your under-beard skin without irritation. Make sure you apply it immediately after showering. And when styling, use a natural, moisturising beard balm or avoid allergic reactions.

Shorten your shower singing

Taking shorter daily showers at cooler or lukewarm temperatures can help suppress the symptoms of eczema – not to mention cutting your heating bills and saving the planet, so that’s win, win, win! That’s because very hot water can strip your beard and skin of its essential oils, drying it out and worsening your condition. So get lean with the steam, and sing Blur’s Song 2 over Stairway to Heaven.

Stay cool, don’t sweat it

Getting hot under the collar can aggravate the skin under your beard as your salty sweat can amplify your eczema. This means it’s important to keep sweating to a minimum when working out. You can achieve this in three steps: 

STEP 1: Drink ice-cold water while exercising

STEP 2: Stand in front of a fan, shirtless while rehydrating post workout

STEP 3: Then take a cold shower

Get hands off, rather than hands on

For your eczema-free beard regime to pay off, you need to remember one last thing: Tempting though it is, avoid stroking your beautiful beard. When you touch your facial fur, you spread germs and dirt from your hands to your face, which unsurprisingly can cause skin problems beneath.

Follow this best beard advice, and you can style your facial hair the way you want without worrying about exciting your eczema.

Any other beard-related conditions you’re losing sleep over? Get in touch for your personal face fur consultation.