Welcome to Ealing Beard Co.

Ealing Beard Co. is on a mission to revolutionise the lives of our hirsute brothers. Gone are the days of questionable facial fluff. Using our natural, organic beard oils, you can keep your beard hydrated, easy to manage and smelling good, while nourishing the skin underneath.

Our founder Kishan Tosar is a beard wearer with a diagnosed eczema condition. Unable to find suitable products on the market, he set out to develop his own beard oil and grooming products that would allow him to condition and shape his facial fur, without aggravating his skin.

And so, Ealing Beard Co. was born.

Why Ealing? Because not only is Kishan a resident but as ‘Queen of the Suburbs’, Ealing is also the greenest borough in London. What better name to symbolise our beard company than a place known for its thriving foliage.

If you're interested in making a purchase but want to know more about the products, get in touch! We will help you find the right product for you.